Almost Stationary


My school had a big lost property closet, proper big. Big enough to warrant concerning questions about the architectural skill during the building's construction.  I was not made aware of its existence until my final year. 

It was like entering a personal museum, It was all me. I could track my pencil case styles through the years, see all the pens I'd permanently 'borrowed,' or even the shameful jumper sizes after they refurbished the tuck shop.

Now, many people have slight dis-organizational tendencies, like occasionally struggling to find their car keys. I, however, have on multiple occasions gotten into the wrong car, of the wrong colour, of the wrong make.

I have always assumed I have some kind of disorganization gland, pumping a steady stream of mundane chaos into my blood. 

Despite all this, I chose to find a way to not blame myself for my eternal failings and  instead make a film about how it's all the universe's fault.

I wrote, produced, voice acted and edited this film in under 2 days. Mainly due to a deadline being in a month I was not expecting it to be in.