Also me

Theo Ashley Brian is 'technically' an award-winning comedy writer who hates writing in the third person.  He's just a scrappy kid, trying earnestly to get into the industry for the soul purpose of one day knowing what Julian Barratts jumpers smell like. 

Currently graduating from the University for the Creative Arts with a degree in Film Production, something he's very proud of considering he still doesn't know what a 'best boy' is or what ISO settings are for.

During his academic career, he has written several shorts and developed an hour length television pilot script about a Private Investigator, trapped on an island of eldritch horrors, searching for a glass of proper whiskey.

Alongside writing and performing sketches, Theo is developing a sitcom with fellow graduates, before the poverty and horrors of adult life reduce him to a shivering husk found in a disused portaloo, trying to distil vodka by shouting encouragement at old shoes.

When not staring at a wall or getting his hair trapped in machinery, he also performs stand up.



Knows most of the alphabet by heart.


Spiders, and spider-shaped objects.



Oh... and he is also currently writing a novel about a driving instructor in a mad max style apocalypse.